The Tempsford Special Duties Squadrons




Altie Johnson

Altie's Daughter writes.....


"My mother was a WAAF at Tempsford.

She was driving a party of Canadians out to their aircraft at night

when another aircraft was taxiing in.

She only just saw the lights, threw the Fordson lorry into reverse,

and put the back wheels into a ditch.

Four of the Canadians helped to get her out,

and she was horrified to see the Wing Commander standing in front of her.

It had been him in the aircraft!

I think she peeled spuds for a week after that,

but then she said that you got better food in the kitchens if you had to work in there!!

She also stayed out too late at a party and climbed a fence to get back in,

slipped and sprained her ankle. I think she was on kitchen duty for another week after that!"

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020 12:37