The Tempsford Special Duties Squadrons




Acting S/L G Abecassis


Sgt J J Hannah, Sgt J Lynch, F/Sgt T M Thomas, Sgt J A Vick,

Sgt J K R Vincent, Sgt R Marshall, Sgt T B Hawkes

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Sgt J A Hutchinson (Centre)

Can you identify any of the others?


F/Lt Morley, F/Lt Johns, Sgt MacMillan, F/O Hall, W/Cdr Boxer,

F/Lt Reed, F/Lt Dixon, F/O Ritchie

Squadron Leader A B Smith DSO, DFC


Sgt W. L. Clarke, F/S G. M. Maude, Sgt. J. T. Breeze, Sgt. J. H. Bloomer
F/S T. F. Kyle, P/O ”Mac” Leslie G. Sleven, Unknown Navigator.

Can anyone identify the Navigator?


Maude, Breeze & Clarke (Sleven's crew, as above)

I think this is the correct way around - L-R

Does anyone know the first names of Breeze & Clarke?

I think that Maude is Gordon Morris Maude (RAAF)


W O (Bill) Hinchley

Ken Tattersall's Crew

Does anyone have pictures of other crew members?

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