The Tempsford Special Duties Squadrons




Does anyone know any of the people in either of the two photographs above? Some of them are in both pictures - they were supplied by John Butcher, whose father, Fred Butcher, was a LAC.

Peter F G Colbert (rear gunner) 4th from right in back row, and below by himself.


Possibly the crew of Halifax EB239 - MA-Y

2nd from left is Sgt C E Young

Crew members were:

F/Sgt T W Lewis, Sgt. C E Young, Sgt. H J Crawford, Sgt. J Ramsden, Sgt. T B Young, Sgt. W Crouch, Sgt. D R Feely

1st on left seems to be this man - can anyone identify him?

Sgt. C E Young on the left in this picture. Does anyone know who the other two are, and if they are also in the picture above left?

P/O Ken Furness


F/Sgt Arthur Graham

Len Smith seated on wing (right)


The crew of Halifax MA-W

George W Brooks centre back, Harry East right hand end of back row,

Len Smith right hand end of front row

The crew of Halifax MA-Z (same people as above in MA-W photograph)

Back row centre, Len Smith, with George W Brooks to his right. Can anyone put a name to any of the others?

Sgt Mike Gibbons

Sgt. Henry E McAlister

Kenneth Dodkin - 138 Sqn

Arthur Hewitt - 138 Sqn

F/Lt (later W/Cdr) A J L Craig

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