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This is your chance to contribute to the site!

If you have amusing or funny stories, of incidents that reflect the lighter side of life at Tempsford, please submit them so that they may be shared with others, using the email link.

The first contribution comes from Harold Watson

(Flight Engineer 161 Squadron)

" The infamous Everton Hill leading from the gate house in Everton village down to the airfield claimed many unwary cyclists when the airfield first opened; so the Station Commander issued an order forbidding any person to cycle down the hill. Ground crew would be punished by him and any aircrew would face Court Martial. Very early one morning I was awakened by my rear gunner being carried into the billet. He had been enjoying an evening with his WAAF girl friend and after saying goodnight to her had attempted to cycle down the hill. He had been found by two other members of aircrew laying in a ditch nearly at the bottom of the hill after coming to grief off his cycle. A friend from Sick Quarters checked him over and it was found that he had only suffered grazing to his knees, legs and worst of all his face. Of course his uniform was beyond repair. We dare not let the CO or our Skipper see him so he was kept in the billet with food being provided by friendly WAAF's from the Sergeants Mess. A new uniform was 'obtained' from the Stores. Luckily no operations were laid on during the four days we kept him hidden, but the Skipper took some convincing that he was suffering from a heavy cold !.

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