The Tempsford Special Duties Squadrons



"Look for me by moonlight, watch for me by moonlight,

I'll come to thee by moonlight, though Hell should bar the way.

Alfred Noyes - The Highwayman


138 & 161 Special Duties Squadrons

The Squadrons

that operated from Tempsford Airfield
(Gibraltar Farm)





Tempsford Airfield was the base for some of the most secret squadrons of World War 2. They specialised in the delivery of agents either by parachute or by landing at night in a moonlit field, usually by the light of just three torches. The squadrons also conducted 'pick up' operations, again landing in the chosen fields to collect agents who needed to return to England.

Agents in the field needed equipment, and the Tempsford Squadrons supplied it; they delivered arms, ammunition, radios and other equipment to the resistance movements in German occupied countries.

These Squadrons acquired, over the years, various nicknames. They have been referred to as the Moonlight Squadrons, The Cloak and Dagger Squadrons and, perhaps somewhat tongue in cheek, The Tempsford Taxis!

More than 70 years have passed since their formation, and it is time to bring these moonlight squadrons into the daylight so that their efforts and sacrifices are recorded and acknowledged.

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*Editor's note:

NB. I have just added a few pictures of graves of fallen airmen to the "In Memoriam" pages. Sadly, we don't have pictures of the men themselves. If anyone can help us to remedy this or, indeed, has pictures of relatives who were KIA which are not included, please email. Many thanks.

Thanks also to Steinar Neby for providing the pictures of the graves in Arendal cemetery, Norway.




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