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Name: Wade Emmerson
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Visitor Comments: Glad I found this site. My father flew with Bill Bright, Jack Lingham, Jack Ford and Geoff Luther out of Tempsford. I'd be happy to hear from anyone interested.

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Name: arthur john graham
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my father was a air gunner with 138sqd from 1944 to 1946 i just found this out yesterday when i recieved his raf records as all his photos and log book were destoyed by a over zelous house clearer he was 1598390 f/sgt arthur graham if any one has any info on him i would appreciate it i have one photo of him in uniform which i could upload to you but i cannot follow link in email address . thaks you


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Name: Duane Martin
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Visitor Comments: My great uncle, Flight Lieutenant Allan Frayne Penhale, was a Wireless Operator / Air Gunner with 161 Squadron. His flight, Hudson T9445, out of Tempsford, was shot down over Belgium, by a night fighter / anti-aircraft (possibly American) during Operation Norvic in the early hours of March 21, 1945 with the loss of the whole crew. Thanks for helping me understand more about what he was doing and why. I will remember.

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Name: Peter .C. Harper
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Visitor Comments: I am trying to trace the crew members of a Shorts Stirling of 138 Sqn based at Tempsford, the pilots name for this aircraft was a New Zealander called Bill Strachen, the flight engineer was William (Billy) Harper, the aircraft was called something......Express , any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Admin Reply: Peter, I have tried to email you but the mails are being returned.  Please email me on bob.bodyATgmail.com so that I may answer your question.

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Name: mrs Helen lawrence
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Visitor Comments: we have discovered my great great aunts fiance Sgt david fisher davies was a member of 138 squadron. As a family we knew nothing of this, he was a gunner on Lancasters as far as the story went. He was on board his Halifax on January 8th 1944 when it crashed into tetworth hill, on its way back from a mission to Belguim.All the crew and 3 belgian agents died. If anyone can tell us more we would be very grateful. He was awarded the distinguished flying medal whilst at Tempsford, we dont know why, Thank you for reading my message, Helen Lawrence

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Name: Alastair Carnegie
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My late beloved Uncle, John Fraser Carnegie D.F.C.  !09 Pathfinder Squadron, who died August last year, and flew wooden wonders out of R.A.F. Tempsford, would have loved to have seen this website. Woodbury Hall, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2HR. was in all probability connected with Tempsford. Thank you for creating this wonderful website.

Kind regards,

Alastair Carnegie.

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Name: Guy
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Visitor Comments: Just to say I've just put a print of a Westland Lysander of 161 Special Duties Squadron up on eBay, item No. 370609491121

I hope I'm not out of order by leaving this message here, I came across you in researching the background and thought one of you may wish to buy it.


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