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Name: Mike & Lynn Bassett
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Visitor Comments: Thanks to Bob for researching our Granddads flight from Tempsford in 1944. A very speedy and enlightening detailed copy of the Flight record, to add to our family history. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

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Name: Jonathan Pearson
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Visitor Comments: In Memory to my Grand father wing commander George Pearson (squadron leader during the war at Tempsford) in charge of all the planes.

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Name: Patrick John Jeffrey
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Visitor Comments: My uncle Wilbur Joseph Jeffrey was KIA on 1 June 1944 when his Halifax bomber, Halifax LL419, NF-V, 138 Squadron, was shot down, on mission OSRIC 78.

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Name: Peter
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Visitor Comments: Memory of Sgt E. Kasprzak of 138 sqn. and the crew of Halifax BB309 (NF-T), died 09/17/1943:


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Name: Ron Bishop
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Visitor Comments: Thank you for maintaining this valuable archive.
Many thanks

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Name: Bob Moffett
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Visitor Comments: Lovely to think there are people who want to keep the heroic actions of very young men in the public eye. Willie Campbell, my uncle never finished training in time to fly operations, but would have been one of these young men.6

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Name: Susan and Alan CROFT
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We are helping in the research of some French friends whose family were in the Resistance.

This site has been very interesting and the response to my e-mail prompt and extremely helpful.


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Name: Rebecca Bright
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Visitor Comments: I am very proud to be Bill Bright's daughter.

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